Rönesans Holding Communicates Worldwide in Real-Time with Google G Suite


Rönesans Holding is currently operating in the roles of as main contractor and investor in 28 countries around the globe. The holding is engaged in the main fields of construction, real estate development, energy, industrial facilities, and healthcare. Ranked 36th in ENR’s list of the world’s largest construction companies, Rönesans Holding is also the 9th largest contracting company in Europe. With a global revenue of $4.9 billion as of the end of 2018, the holding aims to rank among the world’s top 10 largest construction companies in the medium term.

Business Challenge

Rönesans offices based in Turkey, is was use Microsoft Exchange, before Google Suite.Rönesans IT centers with a simple e-mail server was running Exchange Server team personally. This system began to form a consistently unused system that Rönesans was faced with the expectation of upgrading a very large Exchange server in a short time.

The company was also interested in the cost of the upgrade itself, as well as the time it would spend resources to perform the upgrade. In addition, e-mail discovery was inconvenient to cope efficiently with its old servers – in the case of a failed backup, the Rönesans would face difficulties with e-discovery, a time-consuming, time-consuming workflow before the transition to Google G Suite.


The Rönesans began to evaluate an e-mail and collaboration solution that was both easily accessible and eliminated the need to internally manage its own servers. After a product evaluation, Rönesans Holding selected Google G Suite Business for functionality through a web browser, as well as globally distributed servers and high availability. Google g Suite introduced a readily available e-mail solution for Rönesans employees of the Rönesans and allowed Rönesans to redistribute IT teams’ time to manage their servers to other critical tasks.

NGC worked closely with Rönesans IT Director Yalcın Oruç to implement Google G Suite for 5000 users. From a technical point of view, the transition was smooth, although some of the systems at which the offices were operating were not supported by the transit tool. The Rönesans also had a large amount of data that had to be transferred to the new platform in accordance with the original. Yalçın Oruç said NGC has helped us to set priorities for migration and move forward smoothly, so it did not interfere with other business processes.

Results and Benefits

After the delivery, the purchase to G Suite was very positive. While many users are active on Google Drive, Docs are used for note-taking and real-time collaboration. For users who still use Office programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel in accounting and legitimate areas, Google Drive becomes a handy center for placing all important documents in one place that can be shared quickly and easily. Rönesans also benefits from cost savings because you do not have to worry about system upgrades, while IT resources no longer require hours or intense efforts to maintain server maintenance and backups.

Yalcin Oruc, “NGC team is very good at what they do – everything went smoothly and great” he said. ”We recommend NGC as a business partner, especially for large-scale companies.“

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