Spend less, Manage less, Adapt faster with Google Cloud


NGC, made cost optimizations in each of the company’s globally deployed environments on Google Cloud. Provided enhanced system reliability with an up to-date cloud infrastructure. Prepared for growth in new markets with a scalable solution.

The Challenge 

Erka Group wanted to use Google Kubernetes Engine to dynamically scale their platform and provide the best possible service to their customers. It would take more time to plan a project, order new servers, install and manage them, and then start development. So they decided to migrate to Google Cloud. They trusted Google Cloud to test and release more features for their customers.

The Solution   

Google Kubernetes Engine was not the only feature for ERKA. Many features such as automatic scaling and ease of use were important.With Google Kubernetes Engine orchestrating the majority of the new platform, ERKA concentrated on speeding up its processes.Also, when using Compute Engine virtual machines, Cloud Storage acted as a secure, accessible repository for static assets.


On-demand scale-up and down-scale with Google Cloud has helped provide customers with a seamless and reliable service without the need for capacity planning or extra hardware to reduce costs.The agility of Google Kubernetes Engine allowed ERKA to run much faster.As a result of the move to Google Cloud, the IT team began to support key strategic business decisions.