Provided a flexible and reliable business solution for As Label


With the support of NGC a leading Turkey Google for Work Premier Partner, dispensed with its internally local internet service provider and migrated to Google Workspace. This now delivers great communication, a powerful and instant search capability.

The Challenge

With offices in the ─░stanbul, As Label felt that more could be done to help staff collaborate and have access to key information, including email, calendars and documents. Discussions with NGC Google Cloud Premier Partner led to the decision that Google Workspace was the solution.As Label has dispensed with its local internet service provider which, coupled with a reduction in infrastructure.

The Solution

Internal communication has also improved with the team using Gmail, chat, google+ and hangouts to discuss and share important information and initiatives across the company wherever and whenever required. Even in these early stages, the benefits of choosing Google Workspace were evident across the whole company.


With Google Workspace , As Label infrastructure costs have been significantly reduced and the responsibility for system upgrades, security etc has been removed from the IT department.