Combining tradition with innovation thanks to Google Workspace


NGC a Google Workspace Premier Reseller, implemented Google Workspace for Business to provide email, contacts and calendars for IDT Etiket by replacing Yandex with the intuitive Gmail and Google Calendar.Created a stable system with Google Workspace

The Challenge

IDT Etiket decided they needed to put some extra care into their IT system to support their communications more efficiently and to provide the team with a reliable email management system. Team, have successfully embraced all G Suite tools with confidence. Google Workspace offers an all-in-one,reliable and competitive application for IDT Etiket. Efficiency at work was achieved with Google Workspace.

The Solution

The implementation has had a huge impact on the day to day working of IDT Etiket. Team is also happy with the simplification of emails – on all devices – that just work. Document collaboration is something that IDT Etiket plan to grow into, with legacy documents existing on a file server and new documents created in Google Docs for collaboration.With Google there are no upgrades necessary.


Team are able to produce quality work more quickly and efficiently. It’s easier to get more people involved and involved earlier when creating and reviewing documents. There’s also no longer any need to spend time on version control or collating feedack because everyone is always accessing, editing and commenting on the same copy of the document.staff use Google Meet to speak with their whole team.

The Manager says ”Moving to Google Workspace has delivered a modern way of working and has helped us to work more efficiently and collaboratively as a company. The use of shared Calendars, collaborating in real time and connecting to our customers face to face using Google Meet, has been life changing and When I travel to different branches, I sometimes go just with my tablet, because that”