Ekol Logistics migrates 4000+ users to Google G Suite and Saves Time and Costs with G Suite


Ekol Lojistijk is transportation and logistics freight forwarding company 15 countries and 85 locations in Turkey. Ekol Logistics covers every aspect of freight forwarding including airfreight, seafreight, ground transportation, express courier service, logistics services and consulting, overload transports, and more. Founded in 1990, Ekol Europe’s leading logistics company

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“NGC Was Really Helpful; They Answered All Of My Questions and NGC has been an instrumental partner for us, both from technical expertise and change management.”

Google’s  G Suite was a great fit for EKol’s present and future productivity needs. Google’s native capabilities and strengths around security, collaboration and scale assured him it was the right solution to address their IT challenges. Realizing he needed an implementation partner, Ekol looked to NGC after hearing of their successful track record with Google Cloud projects. Ekol selected the cloud and IT consulting firm to handle their data migration and training.After successful migration, NGC spearheaded the change management efforts by facilitating employee roundtables and surveys, aiming to identify potential roadblocks in workflow during the transition. One of the most important transitions was the ability to replicate Ekol’s old email and calendar setup for users that were accustomed to a certain workflow.


The team was excited to find out that G Suite comes with customizations that can be tailored to a user’s preference and even have the look and feel of other email and calendar tools.

They were able to migrate their entire company in just 2 months. During that time they were able to drive fast adoption with 94% of users collaborating on Google Drive and Google Hangouts Meet sessions in one month alone

“NGC took change management very seriously, and accommodated us with a mixture of on-site and remote training opportunities for our users. They had a very friendly and empathetic approach”


Employees are expanding their use of Google technologies such as Google Hangouts and Google Docs. Ekol plans to work more closely with NGC on increasing awareness and usage for the full Google portfolio, including Forms and Sites


The methodical approach to implementing Google G Suite at Ekol resulted in lower than expected impact during the migration process. The Google G Suite solution implemented by NGC will help Ekol save 25% in ovqerall infrastructure management costs.Application and infrastructure cost avoidance:Ekol also expects to avoid new data storage equipment costs, by using Google Team Drive as an alternative storage solution.

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